LeadershipBI training and tools

3 Modules 13 Lessons

About this course

LeadershipBI was designed to be delivered as a 12 weeks - weekly program.

In this training you not only learn the content but you also get access to all the slides which you can use in your coaching with your own LeadershipBI clients.

This course covers every step from the sign up and initial positioning, into a detailed discovery process and on to a plethora of slides that allow you to deal with most Leadership challenges.

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Course Structure

2 Lessons

Signing up your new client

This is the process to get your LeadershipBI prospect to sign up with you for the 12 week program.

Investigation and exploration

This is your first real meeting. It is important to keep in mind that this step is NOT about prescribing or telling them what they need to do, and is only to identify and discover their challenges, gaps, and objectives.

It is as the title of this chapter says: Investigating and Exploring.

Any more than that and it would be what we would consider malpractice.

Coaching agreement

Access the AccuMatchBI Sample agreement.

4 Lessons

Positioning and discovery process

Before you start prescribing anything first you need to complete a thorough positioning and discovery process.

Session 1 – Positioning

Let's get started.

The Positioning is one of the most important sessions, and you need to take your time to deliver this well. It will set the stage for your coaching relationship with your client. 

Session 2 - Debrief BRMap

Debriefing the AccuMatch Behavior Response Map (BRMap or AM60).

Session 3 - Goal setting part 1

Now that you both have a better idea of what is going on, it's time to go deeper to uncover past conditioning.

Session 4 - Goal setting verification

So far everything you've done has been in isolation without outside reference or verification. It's time to do just that.

7 Lessons

Your toolbox

This is a collection of tools that you can access at random or in sequence to work through with your LeadershipBI client.


Most people are in a job without any clear identity. Time to strengthen their identity. Get clarity on who they are at work.

Who Am I

To have a solid Identity, a person needs to be comfortable in themselves, Who they are and Why they are on this Earth to do.

Self Sabotage

Most of us have experiences in our past that undermine ur efforts. This lesson goes deeper into that.

Clearly defined Outcomes

Let's bust the myth that SMART Goals are the most important thing to focus on.

4 Steps of Change

Change is not like a taking a pill, and instantly change occurs. There are steps that the brain needs to go through in order to achieve sustainable change.

7th Intelligence

Unlike past psychology which dealt with IQ and later EQ, today we know there are multiple intelligences.


Another myth "Communication Is The Response You Get" puts all the emphasis on the sender. So let's unpack that.